Questions about login

I am already a customer but don't remember my password?
A new password can be requested via the "I forgot my password" button.

I don't remember my login data (used mail address)?
It is best to create a completely new registration, we will link this new registration to your existing data.

I am unable to register, I get the message e-mail address is already known
Your data are already known in our customer database. You can request a password via the button "I forgot my password".

When creating a password I get the message invalid token?
This is usually because the link to set the password has expired, it is valid for a limited time. It is best to use the button "I forgot my password" again and use the most recent link to set the password.

I want to change my data what should I do?
If you are logged in you can change your data under the button 'my catalog'.

I have registered but I cannot bid
Your registration may not have been processed yet. New registrations are processed as quickly as possible during office hours. Outside office hours this is less frequent. NOTE. From one hour prior to the start of the auction session, registrations will not be processed. To ensure participation, please register early.
I made a bid but do not see this bid listed for the lot in question.
You can check your bids under the 'my catalog' > 'my timed online bids' button. All bids are treated as autobids, the bidding system bids for you until the maximum amount you specified is reached.

I get the message "invalid login".
The combination of the email address and password entered is incorrect.

Please note that we do not automatically enter passwords or email addresses. These are personal settings on the device you are using. We recommend that you empty all fields to be filled in and enter your mail address and password manually (also do not autocomplete).