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Mercier, Antoine (1845-1916) "David overcomes Goliath," brown patinated bronze sculpture, signed in the base 'A. Mercier', h 69 cm.

Prooijen, van Albert Jurardus (1834-1898) "Cows at watering hole in landscape," signed full l.o., oil/canvas, h 30 x w 50 cm

A gilt mantel clock on loose wooden base, France 2nd half 19th century. The clock with white enamel dial with Roman numeral indication (damaged), flanked by scribe in 18th century dress, base with volutes and garland, h 42 x w 45 cm.

Proceeds from auction 187

Lot 54

A 2nd grade 835/1000 silver mounted teapot with horn handle and matching treeft, Groningen, marked with master mark: Adriaen Pootholt, year letter 1769/70, gross weight 391.5 grams, h 15 cm (provenance: Sotheby's auction AM0684 lot 527, 25/11/1997).

Sold €4.000

Lot 304

A bronze collar candlestick, Europe 15th century. The cylindrical mouthpiece with two rectangular openings, the shaft with central disc/dipping bowl dividing two disc-shaped knobs above a spreading, fluted, round base, h 22 x Ø 11 cm (Provenance: Sotheby's 15/12/1998, Lit. Lear no. 64, Michaelis fig. 96, Verster ill. 34)

Sold €3.600

Lot 363

Viegers, Bernardus Petrus (Ben) (The Hague 1886-1947) "Winter Landscape with Ship by Bridge," signed in full b.r., oil on canvas, h 22.5 x w 36.5 cm.

Sold €2.000

Lot 102

A brass/bronze button candlestick, Southern Netherlands, 16th century. The conical candle mouth with rings and two rectangular openings, stem with three buttons, resting on round profiled fat dish/basement, h 21 x Ø 19 cm.

Sold €1.700

Lot 357

Ukio-e, Japan. Toiho Yoshida (1876 - 1955) "Tsubakurodake Evening," color woodcut/paper, Oban format, h 39.1 x w 26 cm.

Sold €950

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