Hans Raspe is a Registered Appraiser and Registered Auctioneer in the field of Art and Antiques and as such recognized and listed in the register of the Federation of Appraisers, Brokers and Auctioneers (TMV website), certified in accordance with European Standard EN-45013.

Since 1995 he has been involved in appraising and organizing auctions. This provides a good overview of the market for art and antiques in the (inter)national market.


For a variety of reasons, it may be wise to have your special contents appraised. These include:

- Death/donation: In the event of death, you will want to have insight into the valuables present. A report helps with the declaration for inheritance and/or distribution within the family. The goods are valued at 'fair market value'. This is the value they would have fetched at the time of valuation in the free market.

- Insurance (in accordance with Article 7:960 of the Civil Code): A valuable collection or household effects also requires proper insurance. With the help of a thorough report for insurance, the value is described that is necessary to obtain an object of equivalent type, quality, condition and age. Depending on your insurer, a reappraisal is necessary after 3 to 5 years. The costs for a reappraisal are lower because the content of the report often does not need to be adjusted.

- Estate division: If partners separate, an appraisal report with relevant description based on fair market value offers a good solution.

- Damage: When damage occurs, it is important that an independent expert can assess the value of the property. This involves looking at the value in undamaged condition and the decrease in value after the damage occurred. In addition, insight is given into the costs for possible restoration.

Verbal appraisal advice at the auction house:

On location, you can have an object appraised by the appraiser. He will examine the object and let you know verbally what the object is worth in the current market. This opinion is not binding and only a guideline. The costs for an oral appraisal are € 50.00 per object.

The findings can also be recorded in writing. For this there are additional costs

Onsite valuation:

We work mainly in the northern provinces, but you can also contact us for appraisals throughout the Netherlands. You can ask for an indication of the costs with regard to; the number of hours, travel expenses and possible additional costs such as research costs.


A fixed hourly rate of €110.00 with a minimum of 1.5 hours is used. The costs apply to on-site investigation and elaboration costs for compiling the report. You will receive a certified written report which meets the conditions for the purpose of the valuation.

All transactions are subject to the general terms and conditions of the Federation TMV. All amounts mentioned are exclusive of VAT.

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Curious about the value?

To find out if an object is of value, simply fill out the request form to the right. It is also possible to email photos to:  Please also include your phone number. In addition, additional information such as provenance, dimensions and other information is welcome. We can quickly determine whether these are interesting objects for which a valuation may be of interest and/or whether they are interesting to broker for you through one of our auctions. 

What to do next:

1. If you would like to make further arrangements to have goods auctioned, we can schedule an appointment. A home appointment is also a possibility (however, there is a charge for this). 

2. If you only want an appraisal and/or a valuation of one or more objects or of an entire inventory, for example for the purpose of a distribution from an estate? Of course we can play a role in this. It is best to contact us by telephone so that we can inform you personally about the possibilities and costs. You can also fill out the form and indicate what you need an appraisal for.