An auction cannot be organized without the contribution of goods. In principle, anyone can contribute. Think of a private individual who is moving, a collector who wants to auction off part of his/her collection or a professional trader.

For each auction there is a period in which the goods can be handed in, the so-called submission period. This period closes approximately three weeks before an auction. To submit goods you can contact the auction house via email or of course by phone to make an appointment.

If you are considering offering goods for auction, Auction House Omnia offers plenty of possibilities. Based on a thorough valuation and clear agreements, we ensure a proper handling of the sale. For more expensive objects, it is possible to agree on a minimum price (limit).

The goods are auctioned in the hall and through online opportunities for 'live' online bidding. We also cooperate with international platforms such as Lot-tissimo and Druot. This allows you to take full advantage of all opportunities to achieve a high yield.


You can contact the auction house by phone Monday through Friday during business hours. Tel: 0598 - 392592.

Auction house OMNIA is a registered auctioneer affiliated with the federation TMV (Valuers Brokers and Auctioneers in movable property).

General procedure

When offering goods for auction, auction house Omnia uses a set procedure. This is in accordance with the agreements established by the TMV.

  • Making an appointment
  • Through valuation and auction advice.
  • If you have the goods auctioned you will receive a submission receipt. This is a written confirmation of the arrangements made.
  • In the week prior to the auction you will receive an overview of the submitted goods, indicating any limits. This will also contain information about viewing days and the auction.
  • Within 10 (working) days after the auction you will receive information about the proceeds of the goods.
  • After six weeks you will receive a final statement.
  • Payment is made within 30 days after receipt of the statement.
  • Click here for the general terms and conditions

Bringing or picking up goods

The goods put up for auction are appraised free of charge for sale value. It is also possible to send us a photo and in this way receive an indication. In consultation it is possible to appraise goods at the customer's premises. However, we charge a fee for this. Please inquire about the possibilities.

Confirmation and auction

All goods included in the auction, after examination, are clearly described in the auction catalog. Each lot is numbered, carefully described and provided with a guide price. The guide price is an indication of the expected yield. When any of your goods are included in the auction, you will receive a written confirmation from us. This will state where and when the auction will take place and which of your goods are included in the auction. All goods are described and, if applicable, a limit price is stated.

Intake of goods

If you decide to have the goods auctioned you will receive a submission form from us. On this form, in addition to the name and address details, the goods are listed that we take up for auction. Also the mediation percentage is mentioned. This percentage is called the submission percentage. In consultation a limit can be set. This applies to objects with an assessed value of € 250.00 or higher. On the back of the form the submission conditions (terms of receipt) are mentioned, so it is clear what happens with the goods before, during and after the auction. All goods are insured at the time of collection. There is a charge for this. These costs (e.g. photo costs) will be discussed with the customer in advance.

Storage of goods

Generally, goods are stored free of charge until the time of auction. Should other arrangements apply, this will be discussed with the customer in advance.


Voor iedere veiling versturen wij onze vaste klanten een uitnodiging. Daarnaast wordt er voor iedere veiling ruimschoots geadverteerd in dagbladen en vakbladen (zoals bijvoorbeeld Collect of de Origine).

Op het internet staat ca. 7 dagen voor aanvang van de veiling de complete catalogus op onze homepage vermeld. Op deze manier is het mogelijk “op grote afstand” de veiling te volgen. Tevens bereiken wij op deze manier een groot aantal klanten.


Within 10 (working) days after the auction, you will receive a statement from the auction house. This contains the proceeds of the goods sold. This amount is reduced by the submission costs and any additional costs (e.g. transport and administration costs). The amount will be transferred to your bank or giro account within 30 days after receipt of the statement. This payment is made through the Foundation Derdengelden Veilinghuis Omnia. The payment is therefore 100% guaranteed. If a number of items are not sold at the auction, you will not incur any auction costs (but you will incur the basic costs for administration, etc.). Since all sales fall under the so-called margin scheme, there is no VAT to settle.

Auction house Omnia continuously solicits input from

  • Antique Furniture,
  • Prints and Paintings,
  • Glass,
  • Porcelain and Pottery,
  • Silver and Gold (objects and jewelry),
  • Art Deco and Art Nouveau,
  • Collectibles,
  • Estates,
  • etc.